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King Tides

A regal symphony of flavors that ebbs and flows across your palate. Crafted from the finest single-origin beans of Ethiopia and Indonesia, this blend reigns supreme with a bold, commanding presence and a remarkably smooth finish. Just like the majestic ocean swells of the Oregon Coast during the King Tides, this coffee delivers a surge of rich, enticing notes that dance together harmoniously. Immerse yourself in the deep, dark depths of chocolate and spices from Indonesia, while the bright, citrusy undertones of Ethiopian beans crest the flavor profile like waves meeting the shore. Savor the royal experience of King Tides – a blend that rules over your senses, leaving a tide of satisfaction in its wake.


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Pumpkin Spice

Crafted from our exceptional single-origin Brazilian beans, this blend is infused with our special Pumpkin Spice flavor, creating an outstanding seasonal coffee experience. Perfect for those crisp autumn days, but remember, it's only available for a limited time.

  • Testimonial

    Coffee Stained Creations has the
    best service. I got my coffee within hours of ordering. they have a great
    selection of coffee beans to choose from and a special espresso bean that is the best!

    -Diana L.

  • Testimonial

    Love the coffee and the people behind it.

    -Annie B.

  • Testimonial

    Best Coffee - Thank you so much for making such delicious coffees!!!! I’ve tried 3 or 4 different kinds and all have been amazing. ☕️

    -Kellie D.

  • Testimonial

    Fresh beans & love the local delivery! Beans are always super fresh, and we do appreciate the free & fast local delivery!

    -Michele S.

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