Our Coffee Beans

We choose the best green coffee beans for our roasted coffee. We use origins from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Mexico, and Peru.
  • Brazil - Our Brazil Salmo Plus Natural is a blend of 100% Cerrado region coffees. The coffee was purchased at farm-gate from a select group of 12 farmers and processed by Volcafe Santos, our sister company in Brazil, in their facility in Varginha, Minas Gerais - Cup notes: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, and Granola.  
  • Columbia  -  Huila is currently the largest producer of coffee in Colombia. However, its development was unconventional and unlike other regions such as Antioquia, Santander or Cundinamarca. Abundant labor from Huila, traveled to traditional coffee producing provinces to work as pickers. When they returned to their homeland, they brought not only money, but also coffee beans and knowledge. The rest, as they say, is history - Cup Notes: Chocolate, Black Cherry, Brown Sugar, and Roasted Almond.
  • Ethopia - When the soil is rich with a blanket of natural humus along the forest floor, coffee trees don’t need much to thrive and grow. This Organic Guji G2 from the Taro Washing Station was grown organically across a large farm and multiple small outgrowers in the East Guji Zone at 2,000-2,150masl, where around 18,000 tons of coffee are produced each year. Handpicked harvests last from mid-October to mid-December, when over 2,000 workers are employed to comb through the trees - Cup Notes: Strawberry, Grape, Honey, Jasmine, Peach, and Pear.
  • Honduras - Guama Danta is sourced from the most productive and most diverse of Honduras' 15 coffee-producing regions. One can find farms in almost every possible micro climate, making for nuanced, complex cups - Cup Notes: Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Caramel, Orange, and Red Apple.
  • Mexico (Organic) - Everything that went into growing this Mexico Chiapas Organic is natural, with priority placed on conserving and revitalizing the land’s resources. Most of the farmers in Chiapas are smallholders, and their economy is driven by coffee as a cash crop. With a delightful flavor profile that includes marzipan, orange, red apple, and granola, this light coffee with satisfying acidity is a beautiful example of Chiapas’ agricultural excellence - Cup Notes: Cocoa Powder, Toasted Nuts, Citrus
  • Peru - Our Chasqui coffee is a blend of Peru coffees that, like its namesake, are the best of the best. Coffee cherries were harvested during the June - October harvest. The cherries were machine cleaned and processed. After the coffee was dried it was sorted by color and density to ensure that only the best beans remained - Cup Notes: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Granola, Red Apple

Each of these single origin coffees has its own unique characteristics and flavor profile, which can be enjoyed in different ways depending on the brewing method and personal preference.