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Colombia Coffee, front view

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Colombia Huila Pitalito EL Tiple Excelso Coffee Beans

Introducing our Colombia Huila Pitalito EL Tiple Excelso, a masterpiece of coffee craftsmanship that brings the essence of Colombia right to your cup. Sourced from the lush, green landscapes of Huila, this coffee is a harmonious blend of milk chocolate, stone fruit, almond, and a subtle hint of green apple. Ideal for coffee types ranging from the rich espresso to the delicate pour-over, this Colombia beans coffee is a celebration of flavor, freshness, and the vibrant coffee culture of Colombia.

  • Unmatched Flavor Profile: Enjoy a rich and complex taste with notes of milk chocolate, stone fruit, almond, and green apple.
  • Exceptional Freshness: Roasted to order, ensuring the freshest, most flavorful coffee, capturing the essence of Colombian terroir.
  • Versatile Coffee Types: Perfect for any brewing method, from espresso enthusiasts to pour-over aficionados.
  • Sustainably Sourced: Supporting local farmers and sustainable practices in Colombia's Huila region.
  • Aromatic Adventure: The enticing aroma transports you to the coffee fields of Colombia, promising a remarkable tasting experience.

Designed For: This coffee is for coffee drinkers who cherish their morning ritual, from seasoned lovers searching for the best coffee near me to those appreciating different coffee types. It's crafted to elevate anyone's coffee game, offering a versatile brewing experience.

Exclusive Coffee Recipe - Colombian Cold Brew Delight:

Enhance your coffee experience with this refreshing recipe. Steep our Colombia Huila beans in cold water for 24 hours, then serve over ice with a splash of milk and a slice of green apple for a crisp finish. This Colombian Cold Brew Delight is the perfect way to enjoy our unique coffee on a warm day.

Exceptional Flavor Profile

Unwavering Quality

Brewing Possiblities

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