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Ethiopia Coffee, front view

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Ethiopia Guji Coffee Beans

Experience the unique flavors of Africa with our Ethiopia Guji coffee beans, renowned for their exquisite notes of dried fruit and green tea. Harvested from the lush landscapes of the Guji zone in Ethiopia, these beans are a testament to the rich coffee heritage of the region. Perfect for those exploring different coffee types or searching for the best coffee near me, our Ethiopia Guji promises a journey to the origins of coffee itself, cherished by all who appreciate the morning ritual of a flavorful cup of joe.

  • Exceptional Flavor Profile: Savor the intricate layers of dried fruit and green tea, unique to Ethiopian coffee.
  • Authentic Origin: Directly sourced from the Guji zone, ensuring authenticity and premium quality.
  • Versatility: Ideal for various coffee types, enhancing your brew, be it pour-over or espresso.
  • Sustainable Practices: Ethically sourced, supporting local farmers and sustainable coffee cultivation in Ethiopia.
  • Rich Aroma: The captivating aroma of our beans enhances the coffee experience, inviting you into a world of exotic flavors.

Designed For: Our Ethiopia Guji coffee is crafted for discerning coffee drinkers, from seasoned aficionados to curious explorers, perfect for those who appreciate the subtleties of coffee and are in pursuit of enriching their coffee ritual with unique flavors.

Ethiopian Coffee Recipe - Guji Green Tea Latte:

Transform your coffee routine with this unique recipe. Brew a strong cup of our Ethiopia Guji. Steep green tea for a concentrated tea, froth hot milk, and combine with the tea. Pour brewed coffee over the mixture for a Guji Green Tea Latte that showcases the unique dried fruit and green tea notes of our beans.

Exceptional Flavor Profile

Unwavering Quality

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